Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why Two Blogs?

A reader asked me recently why I choose to have two blogs - this one and my weight-loss blog.  Good question.

The short answer: I'm a Gemini.  We do everything in twos.

The long answer: I'm keeping both because this one is supposed to be more of a commentary-type thing where I address stuff in the news, explore various current affairs, issue forth random ideological musings, and spew my opinion regardless of how popular or warranted it might or might not be.  Sleeve It, on the other hand, is a diary/journal/chronicle of a specific journey.

So far I haven't done a bang-up job of keeping up on the stuff I'd like to write about here, but that's just where my head is right now. I'm overwhelmed.  Sometimes I read the news and get so overloaded with information that I just shut down.  It's hard to decide what to write about when you're simultaneously stewing about gun control, getting angry at the assholes who are making it hard for your gay friends to be married, running imaginary forensics in your head about murdered toddlers, attempting to keep up on sequestration, worrying about the economy at large, and fighting with ign'ant fucks on comment boards about collapsed buildings in India.  My shrink (yeah, I admit it - I'm in therapy, so what?  Aren't most of us?) advised me to cool it with this shit for the time being because I have to focus on my health and well-being, and if I'm constantly worried about other stuff, I won't be 100% for this giant life change about to happen.

And she's totally right.

My dreams of becoming the next Arianna Huffington will have to be shelved for now (not that I was ever that aggressive about pursuing them in the first place).

In the meantime, feel free to follow the other blog to keep up on the happenings in my life as I work toward becoming a not-so-fat prattler.


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