Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Pang of Indiasickness

When I was in Dharamsala last summer, I used to frequent a place called Lhamo's Croissant. Lhamo's was situated on the road directly across from the bottom of the many steps that led to my apartment. They had tasty coffee, lovely pastries, a comfortable lounge, an amazing rooftop with a breathtaking view, free wifi with a good signal, and free movies every night. 

Nearly every morning I would pass Lhamo's and see what movie they were showing that night, and nearly every night on my way home I would stop in for coffee, dessert, internet check-in, and a movie before ascending the steps to go home. It became a ritual for me. 

A little while ago they posted a photo on their page of a croissant and a cup of coffee on a table in the lounge, and something about the way the sun was hitting the composition just took me back. The sights, the sounds, the smells...I can't believe I could ever so sorely miss a place I only spent a month in, but I do. I do.

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